Sewing Is A Great Winter Hobby When There Isn’t Much To Do In The Garden

When you start to explore the different machines that are out there for the purpose of sewing, you will have a great number of options to choose from. Whether you are looking at an entry level model or you want something that has a little more gusto and is made for professional use, you’ll find that there are two major names in the industry that are synonymous with quality, and they are Brother and Singer. The companies have been pushing out some high quality utilities and the price points haven’t been that high, which is favorable for consumers looking at investing in either brand. When you want to find the best of the best, and you read through sewing machine reviews, you will definitely see that two machines come to mind first, and exploring them will help you make a good decision as to which one will serve you best.

Brother Sets Up Versatility

brother se400The first option is one that I getting a great deal of praise from beginners as well as experts today. The Brother se400 is one of the more compelling options that you can get as it provides a good list of accessories, components, and settings that will be hard to emulate. At first glance you will see a compact overall design, but don’t let the small frame fool you, there is a great deal packed into this machine. You’ll find that the large embroidery area will give you a great deal of opportunity to embroider like a pro, and with hundreds of stitching options at your finger tip, you can make sure that every piece is put together at a high quality rate. Not only will you get ease of use, you will get smooth feeding, a backlit display to switch between features, manual and automatic settings, automatic threader, and a fast engine that can give you that professional grade sewing that you long for. At a good price point, this is definitely a versatile machine with some gusto, worth your investment.

The Singer Option

Singer 9960While the aforementioned is a good pick for sewing utility, you’ll also want to look at another offering, this time from Singer. The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is one of the better releases to come out in recent years and has received mostly favorable reviews from professionals and intermediate sewers. With 600 stitching options built in, and an easy to manage threading system alongside all the standards that you’d come to expect form a highly functioning machine, you will get just about everything you need to start working on a clothing line, or start just about any complex project. Made with a professionalism that can only come with the name brand, you will get everything you need to get going. Whether you are looking for a fully automatic machine or something that you can control, you will find that this dual option can give you access to a more versatile array of tools than other machines can, all at a price that is definitely not going to break the bank. While some beginners might appreciate some of the tools, this is definitely meant for an expert level craftsman.